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  • Tenure

    Posted: 2020-03-29 09:20

    An invisible choir sings, and you are bathed in radiance...–More–
    The voice of the committee booms out: "Congratulations, mortal!"–More–
    "In return to thy service, I grant thee the gift of Tenure!

    [ physics ]

  • Moore's Law for Quantum Computers

    Posted: 2011-09-07 06:03

    By looking at the history of quantum computing experiments, one finds an exponential increase in the number of qubits, similar to Moore's law for classical computers. Quantum computing power doubles about every six years, with quantum computers for real applications arriving in between nine and twelve years if this trend continues.

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    [ physics ]

  • Meet me on Diaspora

    Posted: 2011-09-01 03:17

    I thought I let you know here that I've recently joined Diaspora, the privacy-enabled open source social network. I'll continue using this blog for longer posts, but short notices will rather go there. My Diaspora handle is hweimer@diasp.org.

  • Google Chrome in Debian

    Posted: 2010-05-05 19:41

    Google's Chrome browser has been accepted in Debian under the unbranded Chromium name. Currently, it's in the experimental distribution, but as it does not depend on other stuff from experimental, installation is not a big problem. Now I can finally get serious with Web Sockets programming!

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  • Already dozens of deaths due to airspace closure?

    Posted: 2010-04-19 19:30

    The ongoing closure of European airspace due to volcanic ash after the Eyjafjallajökull eruption may already have claimed the lives of dozens of travelers without a single plane being crashed. The problem is that travelers are forced to seek alternative transportation, which typically are less safe than flying.

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    [ misc ]

  • Listen to Quantum Computer Music

    Posted: 2010-04-13 18:55

    I spent some time playing around with libquantum, the free quantum simulation library, and created two musical compositions that represent the inner workings of a quantum computer. So if you'd like to know what a quantum computer sounds like, here's your chance!

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  • A Rydberg Quantum Simulator

    Posted: 2010-03-15 16:20

    A universal quantum simulator would be something quite useful to have, as it allows to simulate the behavior of any quantum-mechanical system efficiently. We have been able to show that one can build such a device with strongly interacting Rydberg atoms, as reported in our paper having just appeared in Nature physics.

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    [ physics ]

  • Enviromental Impacts of Eucalyptus Plantations in Brazil

    Posted: 2010-02-08 20:40

    In recent days, you might have seen web adverts for investing into Brazilian eucalyptus plantations, even on technically oriented sites. While the investment may sound financially attractive it presumably involves several ethical hazards.

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    [ misc ]

  • OpenOffice tops 20% market share

    Posted: 2010-02-02 06:33

    The guys at Webmasterpro have published a study that analyzes the install base of various office packages among German users. While Microsoft Office comes out top (72%), open source rival OpenOffice is already installed on 21.5% of all PCs and growing.

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  • Microsoft to Get Malware Bailout in Germany

    Posted: 2009-12-08 19:18

    With the economic crisis still being in full effect, Germany wants to throw government money at another industry giant. However, this time it is not an ailing car manufacturer, but the software producer Microsoft. The German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) plans to team up with internet service providers (ISPs) to establish a call center helping malware-troubled Windows users.

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    [ security ]

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