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  • Welcome to the Quantenblog

    Posted: 2006-12-06 10:30

    So I finally have a blog, too. At the moment there is not much to see around here, but I'm sure that will change soon. Read more

  • SCO About to Face Delisting Trouble, Again

    Posted: 2007-04-13 07:21

    Most of you probably remember the delisting trouble SCO got into because they failed to timely file their 10-K back in 2005. The same story will show up again soon, but this time for another reason: the stock price is too low to meet Nasdaq's requirements. Read more

  • Monitoring internet censorship with Tor

    Posted: 2008-04-12 15:36

    You have probably heard already of Tor, a tool for surfing the internet anonymously. It can also be used to evade censorship, but less known is the fact that you can turn the tables and monitor internet censorship in various parts of the world. Not only that, you can use Tor to visit websites pretending you come from almost any country.

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  • Enviromental Impacts of Eucalyptus Plantations in Brazil

    Posted: 2010-02-08 20:40

    In recent days, you might have seen web adverts for investing into Brazilian eucalyptus plantations, even on technically oriented sites. While the investment may sound financially attractive it presumably involves several ethical hazards.

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  • Already dozens of deaths due to airspace closure?

    Posted: 2010-04-19 19:30

    The ongoing closure of European airspace due to volcanic ash after the Eyjafjallajökull eruption may already have claimed the lives of dozens of travelers without a single plane being crashed. The problem is that travelers are forced to seek alternative transportation, which typically are less safe than flying.

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