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Google Chrome in Debian


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Google's Chrome browser has been accepted in Debian under the unbranded Chromium name. Currently, it's in the experimental distribution, but as it does not depend on other stuff from experimental, installation is not a big problem. Now I can finally get serious with Web Sockets programming!

Running a WebSockets demo

Running a WebSockets demo application
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My first impression is that the browser is really fast, although not so much faster that I will instantly drop good ol' Iceweasel as my primary browser. What I don't like is the way search engines are organized; the browser recognizes visited search engines (although not the Debian Packages Search) and presents them in the location bar, which is very confusing. However, it's nice to have it around, especially as I think about starting a Web Sockets project, and so far I haven't been able to get Debian's WebKit browsers to support them.

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