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About me

I'm currently living in Cambridge, Massachusetts, working on theoretical quantum physics as a postdoctoral scientist at Harvard University and the Institute for Theoretical Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics. My research is mostly about strongly interacting Rydberg atoms and nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamond, if you are interested in further details, have a look at my research page.

Furthermore, I am the founder of OS Reviews, a website dedicated to review free software. Together with a friend I wrote libquantum, a quantum computer simulator that recently made its way into the latest SPEC CPU benchmark. I have also contributed to numerous other free software projects.

I am also interested in computer security, and from time to time, I do consulting work in this area. So if you are looking for someone, just drop me a note.

In unrelated news, I consider myself a heavy metal maniac and chances are that you will meet me at a concert here in the area.